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Marisa is an emotional-firefighter, ready to run into the building and put out the flames for her friends, family, and clients. She is more than your average therapist and combines her clinical Masters degree in Social Work, expertise in Trauma and motherhood, and intuition to work with her clients in a variety of ways, such as traditional therapy for Florida residents and online coaching globally. She leads in-person and virtual programs, and group workshops for those ready for a life long shift. When she is not working, you can find Marisa in her happy place doing hot yoga at 6am or at home elbow deep in diapers, spending time with her husband and two little ones.


Chelsea sat on the Millennial board of Cosmopolitan Magazine and has been a brand ambassador for many notable and diverse brands such as U by Kotex and Intel. While people are often drawn to her energy and expertise in Mindset Marketing and Personal Branding they come away with so much more. 


Chelsea helps people squash fear, work smarter not harder, and build a business aligned with their passion and purpose. She digs deep and genuinely cares about everyone she works with, a trait that is hard to come by. Chelsea has a gift for helping you move out of your own way, bring structure to your passion, and gain clarity in your path forward. Chelsea says, “It’s time to focus on the human behind the Entrepreneur. If you are not feeling your personal best how can you perform your professional best.” When she is not working or traveling you can find her doing yoga, outside in nature, riding horses, flipping through animal medicine cards, or hanging at home with her husband and fur baby, Gigi.





As described by Chelsea….Marisa is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Parenting Coach who helps her clients transform their relationship with themselves and their kids. She specializes in Maternal Mental Health and Trauma.


Marisa is a true healer who is passionate about breaking multi-generational cycles of trauma. She helps her clients reparent themselves and challenge negative core beliefs that are keeping them stuck so they feel more authentic and confident in all areas of their lives.

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As described by Marisa… Chelsea has always had a passion for empowering Millennials and helping women shine since she launched her first radio talk show, Teen Talk Live, at just 16 years old. With a decade of traditional broadcast and digital innovation under her belt, Chelsea is a leading marketing strategist, global speaker, LinkedIn instructor, media personality, and the host of #MillennialTalk Twitter Chat. For the past 10 plus years Chelsea has been the go-to Millennial Expert for National TV shows like GMA, Today Show,CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, and many others.

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