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“Suffering from severe panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety, The Rainbow Reality Method allowed me to refocus my mindset in a simple, straightforward way. I usually quit halfway through or even find it daunting to even begin practices that ask me to open up, but the concise steps had me whizzing right through and thinking clearly. It‘s like having a conversation with a close friend, but that friend is actually yourself, promoting a dependable dialogue that is there to help you through at any given moment. Step 4 and 5 shifted the language I was using with myself and even the smallest adjustments have made a difference through this extraordinarily challenging time.  The practice of recognizing moments of gratitude has also put a lot in perspective and allowed me to spend more time helping others, even with small gestures. I highly recommend RRM to anyone who is mentally struggling and even to those who have a strong spiritual practice - we could all use some color and clarity during this otherwise dark time.” -Jamie F.

“I truly needed this today. I feel sad about the things that weigh me down, but circling my thoughts and seeing my feelings made me think about how much time I’ve focused on being sad and doing nothing. Step 5 helped me reframe my thoughts and feel thankful/motivated. I’m going to continue to revisit this to see how I feel / what I want to add.” -Jess Z.

One night when we were feeling particularly sorry for ourselves due to life's crazy circumstances, my husband and I stumbled upon The Rainbow Reality Method and decided to work on it together. We tentatively started with step #1 and before we knew it, we were hooked. As we dove deeper and deeper into each of the 7 steps new light bulbs started turning on for the both of us. It was eye opening to hear what the other had to say but also comforting to know we were in a safe space to talk about our fears, goals, and inner truths together. We saw each other and our own true selves through a different lens that evening and needles to say we have been reworking the steps ever since (both together and separately). The Rainbow Reality Method came into our lives when we needed it the most and we are so grateful to have this new amazing tool in our "marriage/life toolbox.” -Lindsay S.



“Step 5 in the rainbow reality method gives me the confidence boost I need daily! It's ok to be a work in progress! This step makes my personal goals feel way more achievable. It’s also allowed me to track my own growth. I can proudly say, I’m finally loving and accepting my journey to self love!!” -Rachel A.


“RRM provided me with a digestible framework to work through problems, isolate fact from fiction and the tools to overcome mental roadblocks. Practicing the 7 steps daily has not only allowed me to work through past challenges, but it has altered the way I process information to mitigate challenges or roadblocks before they arise.” -Jordan W.


“The stories in my head are just stories in my head. The rainbow reality method helped me put in perspective the level of insignificance of my negative stories. So many of them are not important. When the people that love you most look at you, they only see your positive stories. Only you, in your own head, see your negative stories. When I think about what really matters to me in my life, my family, none of that other stuff is important. The loving lens through which my family sees me is the lens through which I need to start seeing myself.” -Audrey M.


"Anything that can rewire new pathways in the brain for new belief systems is a gift of gifts. This technique (RRM) shows us that we all have the ability to do that and it's easy and quick and it's like retraining a new muscle." -Maria A.

I was feeling overwhelmed and sad about being laid off from my job, especially after being in the workforce for 43 years. After watching Marisa and Chelsea on their live video chat and going through the guide, it became clear to me that I can erase those negative emotions from my thinking. I reminded myself of all the positives in my life to be thankful for - my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my friends and my entire family. We are safe and healthy. The Rainbow Reality Method helped me to be thankful and count my many blessings. This is my rainbow reality, all I have to do is just follow the steps in the method every day. I hope you find your Rainbow too!! -Pat H.

-Brie M.
-Cindi K.
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